Formally known as Ransom Social formed in 2016 by 12 young people who were either unemployed or between education, RS latter changed the name to Fearless Youth Association (FYA) as a lot of people associated it with one of the street in Nottingham, FYA focuses on giving youth the opportunity to engage in learning and personal development opportunities while keeping out of trouble.

Since the establishment of the group, 3 of the founder members have joined university, 4 have joined college and 2 have found employment. FYA has become a highly effective group in attracting and engaging young people seeking to turn their lives around.

In addition to the support by these 12-young people, FYA has recruited more new members and developed sound partnerships thereby supporting over 18 young people to engage with training, skills development, music and digital contents production and organising managing events.

This year, we aim to support young refugees/asylum seekers, especially those with limited English language and networks of friendships to integrate, increase their self- confidence, break down language barriers.

We support young people with counselling, music therapy, housing, employment skills development and community engagement. Our drop-in studios along Alfreton Road open daily from 10am - 9pm, and we have a weekly meeting every Friday 5pm - 7pm to support one another including opportunities for individual assessment to determine what support is needed for that individual.

Why Was the group Started?

We started FYA because we saw the need to a young people lead group where the youth can feel free to express their feelings in creativity and create friendship whereas most of the youth who see each other wouldn’t see eye to eye due to postcode conflicts.