Refugee Diversity Fashion Show 


Who we are 

Fearless Youth Association- The aim of Fearless Youth Association is to provide mentoring for young people in the Nottingham area by creating a safe space where we recruit members, sustain our momentum and growth, train members and other young people functional skills on digital media training programs, administrative skills, management, recording and social skills and increased ways of sharing and accessing information locally and in ways that is best suited for youths and young people.

Hyson Green Cultural Festival - The Inaugural Hyson Green Cultural Festival (HGCF) was held in 2014 to bring together the local communities in Hyson Green to share and enjoy their cultural diversity.

Mojatu Foundation - Mojatu Foundation's vision is to transform communities by enabling them to share their authentic views and to amplify their voices. We also help them to source, access and use information in order to better themselves.

About the event

Fearless Youth Association, Hyson Green Cultural Festival and Mojatu Foundation are working in collaboration to present a fashion show celebrating the rich diversity and social cohesion of Nottingham’s refugee communities. Come and see a range of designers from different cultures showcasing their work and admire the products they have to offer. A selection will be for sale on the night.

What are you launching or hosting and what are your aims?

The refugee diversity fashion show will benefit refugees and asylum seekers as well as community members living in the inner-city areas, especially young people, who never have time or opportunities to showcase their talents and to engage with one another. They will link with other local communities during the Refugee Week Diversity Fashion Show event and designers on the night. We will work together with refugees and asylum seekers to showcase their traditional wear and engage with other communities.

Our aim is to engage some refugees and asylum seekers in the planning, organizing and implementing this one-day event which will entail a diversity fashion show by bringing together diverse communities to celebrate and showcase their rich diversity while celebrating friendship and life in Nottingham.

Customer Review/community views

“This is the first of kinds to fashion event celebrating cultural diversity and bringing different communities in one platform, where we can all dance, eat, listen to cultural music together.”
“ We can wait to see how the event will be as we don’t see stuff like these happen in Nottingham that appreciates different people from different cultures. Culture is a wonderful thing that I love. I encourage people to learn about the culture that comes along with their race and/or ethnicity.”