Maasai Cricket Warriors UK Tour 

Mojatu Foundation, Nottingham Trent University and other partners will be hosting the Maasai Cricket Warriors from Kenya in Nottinghamshire between 16th August and 1st September 2018.

Valentine Nkoyo, CEO of Mojatu Foundation said, “It has been my dream for four years now to bring this team from my Maasai community to the UK for a series of activities and community events to facilitate cultural exchange in the UK. We are very pleased that this is becoming a reality and we are very grateful to all our partners. The team is really changing attitudes of male-dominated communities to value girls’ and women’s rights while advocating for gender equality. We do not want this to be a one off this so we will explore a legacy for them. This will be super exciting for us all”.

Not only do the Maasai Warriors use their talents to inspire a deeper love and appreciation for the sport of cricket, but they are now using their growing fame to educate their community by visiting schools to teach cricket basics to girls and boys. This supports younger people to play cricket while helping them to keep active and celebrate their culture through arts and music.

The Maasai Cricket Warriors are fierce advocates of gender equality. In strongly male-dominated communities like the Maasai, there are some serious social injustices faced by girls and women. As a team, they seek to educate women and men on the importance of gender equality. They actively campaign against destructive practices such as FGM and therefore the cricket tour will not only consist of cricket games, but will also include public lectures, talks and celebrating diversity events. These seek to facilitate meaningful conversation on subject matters such as modern slavery, FGM and equality between different communities on issues that affect us all in some form or another. By bringing communities together with cricket, the Maasai Cricket Warriors and Mojatu Foundation hope to raise awareness for social injustices as well as promoting girls’ and women’s

education and empowerment.

Who they Worked With

The tour has primarily been organised by Mojatu Foundation and the Maasai Cricket Warriors.

However, there have been many other integral partners without whose help and contributions, our dream of hosting the Maasai Cricket Warriors in Nottingham would not have been possible.

Our other partners include: Nottingham Trent University, The Duchess of Rutland, Nottinghamshire Country Cricket Club, The Belvoir Cricket and Countryside Trust, Quarry Lab, Trent Bridge Cricket Club, Attenborough Cricket Club, Cavaliers and Carrington Cricket Club, Communities Inc, The Survivor Alliance, End FGM and Fearless Youth Association amongst others.

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We hope to make this tour the beginning of bigger things to come by establishing a legacy beyond the tour.

  1. The Objectives of the tour is to work in partnership to:
  2. Bringing communities together while facilitating community cohesion and social integration.
  3. Promoting education, women and girls’ empowerment and awareness-raising of social injustices including female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriage, modern slavery and hate crime.
  4. Facilitating networking and further partnerships between UK and Kenya, including promoting the Maasai Cricket Warriors, Mojatu Foundation and all partners involved.
  5. Facilitating cultural exchange and celebration through sports while promoting tourism and investment in Kenya.
  6. Encouraging physical and mental wellbeing through sports.
  7. Engaging local communities, universities, cricket clubs, schools and fans while encouraging and promoting cricket as a sport.