Slideshow overlay with thumbs

The slideshow below highlights the use of thumbnails to trigger the slideshow. The thumbnails are a linked carousel that scrolls through the available items in the slideshow. You can specify the number of thumbs to display across a variety of screen sizes. The thumbs displayed below the slideshow are displayed in a carousel that automatically scrolls so that the active item is shown in the carousel. The slideshow settings allow you to determine the number of thumbs that should be shown across large, medium and small screen sizes.


Video Slideshow

It is possible to create a slideshow that uses embedded video from vimeo or youtube. The video iframes are taken from the intortext of your Joomla content or from the K2 video item. Please note that the video stops once the slide progresses to the next slide in the slideshow and so it is advised that you disable autoplay if using video in your slideshow. 




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