Working in partnership with Mojatu foundation, GAIN and Farmeco we strive to take people from Nottingham to the farm to visit and have day out which gives the youth and refugees and asylum seekers an opportunity to link and work with other groups while enhancing community cohesion and social integration. This also helps them and partner organisations a chance to link better and see what is happening elsewhere beyond the city, which is a rare chance for them to come into contact with local communities and projects outside the city.

The Farm projects help develop confidence and understanding on how the two communities link and integrate thereby improving learning, conversational, integration, volunteering, training and placements.

This also helps the youth and the refugees and asylum seekers to expand their networks thereby creating long lasting opportunities to integrate, understand how best to work with other groups, relax from the day to day hustle of the city. The Farm visit also offer at least 5 volunteering opportunities thereby developing their capacity, leadership skills and access opportunities.


To find out more about the two partners we are working with please check their website  


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