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Photography and Video

Whether you are interested in creating still images (photography) or moving images (videos) you will need to learn a mix of creative and technical skills. Photography courses include composing and taking photographs and digital or darkroom techniques to manipulate images. Video courses can include directing and camera work, sound and lighting as well as post-production techniques, such as editing, colouring and visual effects. Alternatively, on film studies courses you can study the history and social impact of cinema.

 Key Features.

  • Courses in this field are diverse and they will allow you to focus your interest in a number of specialisms. From visual arts such as animation, how to record, to sound recording and audio effects,
  • You’ll get practical training specialisms such as Photography for portraiture, do a small video.
  • You will get the theoretical approach, combining work, theory and analysis exploring historical and sociocultural influences across different disciplines of video and photography.

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