The course has been designed for students who have an interest in music performance and/or music production who wish to explore and extend this interest via a part-time, immersive learning experience. This course is being offered in conjuction with Basement Studio Notts.

You will be taught in our brand-new, purpose-built, air conditioned recording and production studios. This is a practical ‘hands on’ course where You will be exposed to the very latest music production equipment and software at all times during your course. This beginner course of Music Production is perfect for those looking to study in a central Nottingham location.

Work with you the software you’re comfortable with

During the course you have the option of choosing your preferred music production software package to study such as Logic X, Ableton Live or Cubase.

Get help with home studio set up

This course is also particularly suitable for people who are thinking of purchasing a home studio set up and computer software for the first time, our helpful and patient tutors are able to offer informed and impartial advice that will help you choose the best hardware and software to suit your budget.

Learn basic production skills

During this exciting 8 week, part-time course you will acquire all the basic skills necessary to begin producing tracks in your preferred musical style including the following areas:

  • Signal flow, connections and sound card integration
  • Introduction to music production software
  • Audio editing and sampling
  • Song analysis
  • Synthesis and sound manipulation
  • Song construction and production
  • Audio recording
  • Mixing techniques

Courses outcome

  • provide range of music industry technical and creative skills
  • develop new skills with music technology
  • produce music individually.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with little or of no experience of Music production and engineering.

Level- Beginner.

Fees- Free


Week by Week Outcomes


Week 1 & 3

Music production software and connections

  • Signal flow, equipment and connections
  • Integrating audio interfaces and controllers
  • Introduction to music production software
  • Understanding arrange windows and editors
  • Utilising functions and tools
  • Creative use of software instruments

Week 4 & 6

Advanced audio editing and manipulation

  • Audio editing techniques
  • Time-stretching and tempo manipulation
  • Sound manipulation
  • Creative use of sampling techniques
  • Multi sampling
  • Compiling sound libraries

Week 7 & 9

Music production techniques

  • Song analysis
  • Understanding bars and beats
  • Drum programming techniques
  • Song composition and arrangement
  • Writing basslines and melodies
  • Software instrument manipulation

Week 10 to 12

Advanced mixing and mastering techniques

  • Introduction to mixing techniques
  • Understanding equalizers and filters
  • Using compressors, gates and limiters
  • Creative use of delay, reverb and modulation effects
  • Separation, stereo imaging and placement
  • Mastering techniques
  • Finial Project celebration and showcase

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