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Course Overview.

This course has been designed for current and aspiring trainers who wish to sharpen their training skills and learn new and innovative techniques in training design, construction and delivery. This Soft Skills training course provides delegates with the knowledge and skills they need to become a successful trainer. The train the trainer course is created to assist trainers with motivating their students to learn and teaches trainers a variety of delivery forms that they can adopt to engage these students with course content more effectively.

This program content is entirely based on time-tested training principles including modules on:

  • Learning theory,
  • setting objectives,
  • Designing and delivery,
  • Use of visual aids,
  • Audience facilitation and evaluation methods.

We have placed a great emphasis on the use of positive reinforcement to develop the skills needed to design and deliver quality training programmes.

By the end of the T&T course you will feel both competent and confident in your training skills. Some of the things it will allow you to do are:

  • Structure your training session
  • Run successful training sessions and great courses
  • add interest to your training courses
  • learn question technique for group training
  • handle and train difficult people
  • deliver great presentations
  • enhance your visual image