Who is FYA

Fearless Youth Association is a young person’s project run by young people with the support of Mojatu. The group is made up members from various countries such as Kenya, England, the Philippines and the DR Congo. We understand that there is a risk of young people losing faith in public services and becoming involved in anti-social behaviour or gang activity.

We aim to with young people who want the opportunity to get involved in various industries such as agriculture, entertainment, business, advertisement and construction. these people will attract their age mates - young people under 25 – who may have seen or been involved in antisocial behaviour or gang activity. We will work with those seeking to gain better social cohesion and inter generational links through:

1. Production and promotion of music

2. Training users of studios and media contents production and promotion

3. Organising and participating in events and activities such as farming, fashion and food workshops 


This will offer the young people and participants

1. Better skills and competencies 

2. helping young people sculpt their ideas

3. Engagement with local communities and statutory bodies in a positive way

4. Work experience for the young people.